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Known as “the city of castles”, Osmaniye is a beautiful and pleasant Mediterranean city, has a texture that connects the east and West of the country.

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24 kilometres east from Kadirli district of Osmaniye province, Karatepe Castle is a unique example of defensive architecture as a frontier castle of Adanava - a city state that has existed during Late Hittite Period in Anatolia.



Etli sac kömbe (meat kömbe) is a pastry with meat dish cooked in ash, between two iron plates. Especially a feast favourite, it is served with ayran (yogurt drink).



15 kilometres away from Osmaniye city centre, Kırmıtlı Bird Sanctuary is located along Ceyhan River and provides a wonderful cove for birds with its ponds, trees and reeds.



With many ateliers and shops, Osmaniye, is a centre for traditional craftwork. World-famous Karatepe rugs, spoons, juniper beads, pine cups, cutlery, ceramics, beadwork and point lace are amongst the main handicrafts.



The people’s suffering, love, passion and longing echoes in folk songs. Osmaniye’s folk songs are songs with stories –the region is famous with bozlak and unmetered uzunhava, kırık hava songs.



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Kastabala Hierapolis Ancient Site; Kastabala, called Hierapolis in the ancient period, is a very important ancient city in Çukurova Region.

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Start your first day in Osmaniye by sipping your Turkish tea on Seyir hill and admiring its seamless scenery.